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Hotel & Hospitality

Hotels around the world cater to travelers from many different countries and languages. Visitors, no matter coming for vacation or business purpose, always expect to have a safe and sound journey. In call for extraordinary measures that always exceed client’s expectation, hotels are committed to ensure guests’ safety, which also include property protection and prevention against burglary and theft in both locked venues or in public. 

High-end Luxury hotels need to maintain their image, and they would expect exquisite design in everything. Even for a security system, it has to be matched with the existing decoration. Also, hotels need to be cautious in striking the balance between public protection and the privacy of guests. For example, pointing to a guest with a gun-like bullet camera might be disrespectful to guests and create discomfort on them.

Reda believes an integrated security solution is prerequisite of clients success, and we are able to show you what hotels can take all the steps to provide guests the confidence, and that they can enjoy a relaxing stay and safe experience.

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