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In Hong Kong, we benefit from a highly developed and sophisticated transportation network, with over 90% of daily journeys relying on public transport. This impressive rate is the highest in the world. However, the sheer volume of passengers and congested transportation facilities present significant challenges for operators. It is imperative to identify the most cost-effective solutions to address these challenges effectively. Key concerns include traffic control in public areas such as lobbies and platforms, ensuring security in control rooms, preventing unauthorized access to railway tracks, and eliminating blind spots in trains and buses to mitigate issues like vandalism and harassment.


At Reda, we specialize in providing sophisticated system solutions tailored to meet specific requirements. Our expertise lies in developing comprehensive solutions that address the unique challenges faced by transportation operators. By leveraging advanced technologies, we strive to enhance traffic management, improve security measures, and create a safer and more comfortable travel experience for passengers. Our commitment to delivering innovative solutions sets us apart in the industry, ensuring optimal results for our clients.

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