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Extreme Environment

Extreme Storm

Extreme environments present unique challenges when it comes to deploying edge devices. Whether it involves anti-corrosion measures along the coast, ensuring intrinsic safety in an oil depot, or addressing cabling issues in an outdoor open field, specialized solutions are required. 


At Reda, we specialize in providing sophisticated system solutions tailored to meet these specific requirements. When it comes to field devices, we carefully select materials, housings, and junction boxes from well-known brands that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of extreme environments. For coastal installations, our solutions prioritize anti-corrosion measures to ensure longevity and reliability.


In oil depots, where intrinsic safety is paramount, we implement proven methodologies and technologies that adhere to the highest safety standards. This includes utilizing explosion-proof equipment and implementing protocols to minimize the risk of any hazardous incidents.


When faced with cabling challenges in outdoor open fields, we leverage long-range outdoor wireless solutions that have been proven effective in transmitting data over extended distances. This eliminates the need for extensive cabling infrastructure while maintaining reliable and secure connections.


Additionally, in wilderness environments, we incorporate solar energy solutions to power edge devices, reducing dependence on traditional power sources and ensuring continuous operation even in remote locations.


Our commitment to providing sophisticated system solutions enables us to overcome the challenges posed by extreme environments. Partner with Reda for reliable, efficient, and tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements in these demanding settings.

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