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Education institutions play a key role in nurturing our next generation. People rate schools mainly by it’s reputation, but what is more important is whether the school can provide a healthy environment for kids and teenagers to learn, acquire and explore. A healthy environment is fundamental of a child's development, both physically and mentally. Yet, seldom of those environmental factors are what we are able to manage and control. In this way, an integrated monitoring system is the best we can do.


Especially for those who needs extra care, eg. kindergarten kids, nursery, handicaps, because they cannot speak for their own interest. This is exactly why CCTV footage can help to reveal any incidents. AI functions do help the teachers to spot problems by sending alerts / pop-ups.


Reda believes that ensuring students' safety by establish an integrated monitoring system is the common and most basic practice that we do, to provide best protection to students and the properties in the campus.

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