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Access Control Systems

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Installing an access control system is a great way to increase the security of your property. An access control system is commonly used at the entrance of a restricted premise. The rationale is that it only allows authorized person to enter, but whoever can gain access must show certain recognizable features or credentials for authorization, such as PIN, access card, QR code before they are granted to accessibility. A person’s biometrics, such as fingerprint, iris, facial

features and veins are also used as an alternative of an access card for higher security. 


An access control system and a time attendance system are two sides of a coin. A sophisticated access control system is suitable for large scale premises, such as multi-sites with a huge number of entrances. It is also feasible for operations in premises such as hospitals and schools which are with complex shifts and complicated means of authorization. 

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Visitor Management system (VMS)

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A visitor management system (VMS) is an extended version of an access control management. The major difference is that the latter is for internal personnel, but a visitor management system is for external personnel, i.e. visitors. It aims at generating a temporary access right to a visitor upon his/ her arrival while taking back the right when the visitor leaves. Such kind of management has been a labor-intensive task, and unfortunately, it may go wrong easily and becomes a security loophole.

A visitor management system is definitely a perfect solution applied to every step of a visit, starting from its preparation to its completion. It speeds up the registration and verification processes automating and streamlining visitor registration. Another plus is that a visitor’s  temporary credentials, such as QR code which ensures non-reusable access right, is impossible to copy and hence its impossibility to breach security. All access records and booking details are trackable as the information of each visitor is captured and recorded in detail reports.

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