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VMS (Video Management System)

VMS is a cross-platform IP video management system, which is designed to discover, view, record, and manage IP video cameras. Users can monitor, analyse and react to critical events in real time, in which neither NVR’s and DVR’s can do. VMS is a magic wand in a CCTV system. It is a platform for integration of security systems, and other AI functions. Integrated AI functions, drastically improve the usage of the video footage. It brings the not-so-noticeable but important information in a video clip up to the surface. It real time analyses the video and gives pop-up alerts to the user for further action. Functions like people counting, fire alarm, license plate recognition, just to name a few, can be integrated into a VMS. It boils down the no. of system to minimal, which make management’s life a lot easier.

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